Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) is an international institute with a mission to advance community cohesion and human rights. We redistribute power in a more equal way by delivering social justice and poverty relief projects, educational programmes and high quality volunteering opportunities to the most marginalised groups of society.

We focus on building better and more effective social justice systems by working locally, nationally and internationally through the redistribution of power. We do this by using the values and practices of restorative justice including power sharing, fairness, equality, dignity and respect.

Founded in 2010, RJ4All is now recognised as the leading, international restorative justice network with members from over 40 countries. We work in partnership with decision makers, making evidence-based arguments to achieve long-term change. To this end, we carry out research and give voice to under-represented groups.

We are an experienced coordinator of many different Erasmus+ and Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme projects and are delighted to be leading the SIAC consortium to deliver this important and exciting new project.

EUROSUD is established in the small city of Triggiano. Close countryside and rural area around Bari .More precisely an area characterised by poverty and chronic depopulation. For decades suffered from mass emigration, a direct result of the extreme poverty and lack of job opportunities. Over this same period, the area was also blighted by the activities of organised crime groups, which had a negative impact on the wider region and beyond.

Bari/Triggiano is a city with a strong Mediterranean character, whose potential in support of the euro-Mediterranean dialogue, however, is struggling to emerge due to a strong socio-economic and cultural deprivation that inhibits democratic and civic participation of young people, both Italians and foreigners.

The active members of association often organizes events (round tables, debates, seminars and workshops) about activism, education, promotion and exchange regarding human rights, development of local,regional, European and international cooperation. EUROSUD especially promotes development of creativity, innovation,entrepreneurship and sustainable development (of civil society). The target group of the organization is composed of young people, their parents, youth leaders, youth workers interested in activities of the network, independently of their educational, social, cultural, ethical,physical and other background.

The activities include but are not limited to: networking and cooperation; educational projects of different types (e.g.training courses, seminars , round tables and conferences etc); awareness raising and policy development; capacity building of youth organizations and organisations/institutions working with young people and youth workers; coaching of initiatives,organisational and individual coaching; personal and professional development; mobility.

The main aim of our association is to foster youth participation of young people in civil society, to bring social changes,development and improvement of society where we live, using different tools and mainly focused on youth field.

Founded in 2010, Inercia Digital is an innovative Andalusian organisation specialising in training and innovation in digital skills at an international level. We are a VET centre (Vocational Training for Employment) officially accredited by our regional government and our main area of expertise is fostering digital and entrepreneurial skills, which we make accessible through our Virtual Campus, approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia as a Virtual Training Centre for Employment (# 66044). Inercia Digital has extensive experience participating in innovative European educational projects and was appointed a new member of the “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition” of the European Commission in 2017. We’re also the proud recipients of the Certificate of Compliance AENOR EA0043 as a Young Innovative Enterprise in 2015.

Based on its expertise area, during the last few years we have created and led websites and e-learning platforms for education institutions/providers (such as schools, adult education centres, VET, etc.), in order to integrate ICT in their daily activities while developing extensive trainings on digital competences, web tools, e-learning, virtual opportunities and collaborative learning. Our mission is to drive training and innovation in digital skills across Europe, for educational institutions as well as professionals, for the labour market and for all European citizens in general.

Established in 2011, Kairos Europe is a London based organisation promoting international education and training. We are dedicated to implementing programmes fostering cooperation and inter-cultural Exchanges between European countries. Our mission is to provide quality training opportunities for learners of all ages, to help build on their skills and knowledge, nurturing positive life changes as well as improving career prospects. We have contributed to the promotion and implementation of several international projects within the framework of established European Programmes.

OUR MAIN AREAS OF EXPERTISE ARE: Training for professionals in the education sector under the KA1 Staff Mobility: These courses focus on languages, digital classrooms, new teaching methodologies, promoting integration and equality. Organizing high standard work experience in London, for students participating in transnational mobility projects under the Erasmus Plus and other programmes. English Courses, through partnerships with numerous UK based language schools. Consulting on European Programmes Funding.

VisMedNet is an association of professionals from a number of sectors who have come together to create a platform for opportunity for its members and for others who enjoy the fruits of its work. In operation since 2012 VisMedNet has become a household name in the areas of education, training and career development in Malta, Europe and in other parts of the world where VisMedNet has networks, partnerships and friendships.