The following outputs currently available are:

OUTPUT 1: Preventing cyberbullying towards LGBTQ+ groups: A Training Handbook for youth workers

OUTPUT 2: SIAC E-Course on cyberbullying: Preventing cyberbullying towards LGBTQ+ youth: A restorative justice and human rights approach (Registration required).


The project deliverables are categorised in 3 parts:

  • In part 1, the project team will create the methodological guidelines of the curriculum based on research using data and recent reports about cyberbullying identifying issues that are local, regional, and international. The collected data will be gathered and presented in a transnational report. Furthermore, the methodological guidelines will be used for the creation of the 2nd part.
  • In part 2, project will create educational materials about preventing cyber-bullying in relation to sexual orientation. The educational resources will be in an e-learning platform in the form of interactive e-modules including tests, quizzes and evaluations.
  • The 3rd part includes the SIAC E-book and the completion of the project. This Output will bring together all the research, pilots, learning and findings of the project into one e-book. It will feature in two versions:
    1. Short version with all the executive summaries of the national chapters in English including a comparative chapter in English
    2. Long version with chapters reflecting the findings from each participating country and written in local languages. This version will also include the capacity building material as well as the evaluation from the piloting of IO1 and 2, and the overall evaluation.